Bacto powder usage comparison experiment


Bacto powder usage comparison experiment (2 months)
Experiment period: January 24 – April 4, 2012 (conducted for 2 months)

Concrete A water amount 39 tons           
Bio sponge · · · 39 bags used (1 bag per 1 ton・Less installed)
Bacto Power · · · · 390 g usage (10 g / ton・Replenish 5 g / month to 1 ton per once in 2 weeks)

State of filter mat after two months photo(I have not cleaned for 2 months)

 Sludge was rare.  Water transparency was outstanding.
 2  1


Concrete pond B Water amount 39 tons
Bio sponge and Bacto Power · · · unused

State of filter mat after two months photo

 Sludge is also attached considerably.  Algae are also attached considerably.
 3  4


Discussion: It takes about 1 month for the experimental period to be set to 2 months for normal bacteria (Bacto Power) to propagate and stabilize in filtration media in fresh water.

However, although the activity will start in 2 to 3 days after the start of use, it will take about one month until the bacterial colony stabilizes.
Then we decided on the time for nitrogen decomposition of anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that decompose the nitrogen content and convert it to nitrogen gas).

From the beginning of the experiment concrete pond A had almost no bubbles (protein) on the water surface, ammonia / nitrous acid was also close to 0 mg / l, and food was also very well eaten.
Concrete pond B also had a lot of bubbles on the water surface and nitrite was high and the feeding of the food was not very good.
The pH also dropped considerably.

For this reason many people think that they are using the oyster to keep the pH, but it becomes water of hard water and it will hurt Nishikigoi’s skin.
Again, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria set in the biosponge installed in the filtration tank of concrete pond A, so we tried to clean up the water quality.
“Filter mat, brush” and “bio sponge” which are usually often used are clearly different.

Algae etc, which had been feeding ammonia because it kept the ammonia concentration to the limit to 0 mg / l, became impossible to survive.
Thanks to perfect decomposition of organic matter (food leftovers, fish excreta- tion etc.), the transparency of water has risen and it is easy to live for Nishikigoi
The color of Nishikigoi became outstandingly better because it became.

In addition, Bacto Power also contains bacteria that produce substances (natural antibiotics) that prevent the occurrence of fungi etc, so it prevents the occurrence of germs and molds and prevents fish diseases.
Sludge is an odor in the state where organic matter remains without being decomposed and it becomes a hotbed of pathogenic bacteria and is the biggest cause of deterioration of water quality anyhow.
When organic matter is completely decomposed, it becomes brown “soil” and the pH is very stable.

Bacto Power & Bio Sponge System Introduced Manufacturers, Japan National Convention Champion and many other winning Nishikigoi are born.

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