Even if using Bacto Power ・・・?

Shinsuke Koi Product 1

We have received inquiries like followings.
[There seems no difference made even if we use Bacto Power ]
[Water condition has been improved initially, but it has gone back as it used to be]

In respond to those inquiries, we would like to answer those in accordance with the outcomes from our one year experience gone throuhgh at some Koi farm.
We can think of three typical patterns as follows.

(Case 1)
In case of using Bacto Power  after cleansing Filtering matterials thoroughly (Filter mat is cleaned out),
It appears no difference visually, no improvement on water condition either could be seen.
(Case 2)
In case of using Bacto Power  into the Filter tank while being working (Sludges attached itself to Filter mat),
the bubbles on surface has disappeared and water transparency has been getting better as well as the value of ammonia, nitrite have gone down as close as zero duration of 1~2 months.
But, after 1~2 months, the situation has swung back to deterioration with water transparency, value of ammonia, nitrite which affects badly to the Koi.
(Case 3)
In case of removing part of Filter mat and set Bio Sponge instead and the use Bacto Power  altogether.
It appeared initially Ammonia, Nitrite, bubbles but, about 1~2 weeks later, bubbles were gone and the value of Ammonia, Nitrite have gone down as close as Zero for nine months until we had to stop this experiment for Koi farm’s business.As you see, Bacto Power  has been used all of three cases, but results are totally different.


(Case 1)
As there has been no oganic substances like sludges adhere to Filter mat, bacteria was unable to stay there but,
washed away instead.

(Case 2)
As there has been organic substance like sludges adhere to Filter mat, bacteria was able to stay there.
However, in 1~2 months, bacteria decomposed organic substances in which were their living base totally.
It ended up in being washed away as it lost its living base which makes water condition worse gradually without
any improvement after that.

(Case 3)
Bacteria decomposed organic substance contained in sludges and bacteria could have lost its staying base.
The situation is exactly the same as Case 2. But, to use Bio Sponge makes the big difference as bacteria contained in Bacto Power  stayed  there to work out for about 9 months.
Just for the record, large number of Koi were in this particular pond and fed them 8 times a day which must have been under quite a bad condition.
Of course, Bacto Power has been added to use by 10g per 1 ton water in two weeks.
That was because the larger numer of Koi than usual were in that pond, as opposed to what is normally used (5g per 1 ton in 2 weeks).

In that respect,   the environment, water temperature are needed to be taken into account.
From my 35 years experience in tropical fish field, I would rather say that Filter mat is only capable of physical filtering and hardly not for
Biotic filtering. Hence, the right products should be used in the right place so to speak, physical filtering = Filter mat, Biotic filtering = Bio Sponge.

The most important thing is the biotic filtering for breeding koi rather than physical filtering after all.
To this end, it is necessary to create living base for bacteria.
There is the saying goes like [All the living creatures finally return to the soil].
Bacteria plays most important role to make it happen.

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