HOLLAND KOI SHOW 2016 Seminar-5


We are convinced that there is nothing can compare to our innovative  products
applying  facultative anaerobic bacteria.
Denitrifying process minimizes generating algae and it makes  optimum  environment
available for Nishikigoi.

Algae is not living only by photosynthesizing but also taking  organic matter like
excrements, left-over feed of
Nishikigoi as nutrients.

Therefore, if bacteria decomposes organic substances in advance, number of algae
would gradually decrease
as their  nutrients are disappearing.

Please look at prevention of disease from different angle.
From the way of thoughts in eliminating pathogen to improve water condition.

By improving water condition at optimum level, it makes positive  impact in growth,
color, complexions on Nishikigoi

Please give it a try to use the best quality in the world Bacto Power.
We are convinced that you can get the results.
Next theme is gas exchange.

English Summary