HOLLAND KOI SHOW 2016 Seminar-6


About gas exchange.

Oxygen and nitrogen are primary components of gas in the air.
It is about at the ratio of Oxygen 20% and Nitrogen gas 80%.

To be more preceise, argon gas..etc. should be included, but those are beyond the scope
of this chapter, I think that all of you puts air into the pond and filter tank  with utilizing

On one hand, the oxygen dissolved into the water in the pond is to be consumed by
Nishikigoi or bacteria, but on the other hand, nitrogen is left dissolved into the
water without being consumed.

In addition, methan gas is also stored into the water.
There are variety of creature in the pond, not to mentioned  Nishikigoi, so, it is only
natural that carbon dioxide increases in the pond.

Bakki shower is quite efficient to blow away those unnecessary gas in the air.
When utilizing Bakki Shower, please do not cover, put the lid on as it makes less
efficient for that purpose.

I assume that it is hardly possible for Bakki Shower to achieve biofiltration.

According to the theory of Dry filter system I have learned from Dupla Aquaristik Gmbh,
in order to make Biofiltration work, it is important that water flows slowly enough.

Therefore, if using pump which has capacity of high flow velocity, flow velocity is too
high for the bacteria to decompose Protein,  NH3,NO2..etc.

Imagin the conveyor belt at car manufacturing plant.
If conveyer belt moves too fast, the worker is unable to tighten the bolt so to speak.

Also, I think that it is rather common that Bakki Shower  is set up outside.
But, algae, moths are adhered to filtration materials inside Bakki Shower by the force
of Sun’s rays,
so that water will not be accessible to the filtration materials.

Bacteria stays in filtration material dies from lack of oxygen without access of water.
Bakki Shower is only capable of making it easier for oxygen to dissove into water by
utilizing gas exchange.

Taking the size of pump into consideration, it can work as biofiltration to a certain
extent provided that
appropriate protection against sun is made.
To enable that, please make sure to set up biofiltration  tank seperataly.

Then, please do not forget to use Bio Sponge and Bacto Power.

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