HOLLAND KOI SHOW 2016 Seminar-7


About Synbiotics.

I would like to speak about the topic concerning Enzyme and Healthy up from now on.

Microbes which organize intestinal environment in good  manner and work in favor of
maintaining in health are
called as Probiotics.
One of the signature Probiotics is lactic acid bacteria which is beneficial intestinal

We now get to know that by taking lactic acid bacteria through beverages containing
this, range of benefits
are available in terms of health such as regulating  the function of intestines, enhancing
immune system, anti-obesity.

Then, enhancing this benefit by multiplying the number  of lactic acid with feeding
them is Synbiotics.
The experimental record shows that lactic acid bacteria  is multiplied by tenfold in case
of feeding oligosaccharide to them.

Effective microorganism such as lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria will be in explosive
growth by taking advantage of chitin, chitosan, chitosan oligosaccharide contained in
our products Healthy up.

Now that I would like to describe briefly about main feature and benefits of Healthy up.

【Feature and benefit】
NO.1 Safe alternative for antibiotics
(equivalent of anti-biotics of disease prevention,  growth promotion is expected.)

NO.2 Enhancing resistance against pathogen, anti-inflammatory effect, suppressing

NO.3 Enhancing immune system, reinforcing mucous, improving skin complexion.

NO.4 Reviving color

NO.5 Compounded vitamin helps in promoting health.

Lactic acid, vitamin, Humic acid, and folic acid which is essential at the time when
new cell is produced are
compounded in Enzyme, not to mentioned enzyme itself.
Lactic acid bacteria compounded in Enzyme and Oligosaccharide compounded in
Healthy up create synergy effect, so that lactic acid bacteria multiplied by tenfold,
results in enhancing immune system which leads to Nishikigoi in extremely good health.

Moreover, it is significant that mineral components in Mineral plus apply positive
impact on each cells.
When Nishikigoi makes gill respiration, minerals automatically get inside of its body.
Shinske products is developed under the concept that by using them concurrently,
these interact each other  so that greater effect will be achieved.

The last theme is about cells.

English Summary