On digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes


There is no enzyme in the food of Nishikigoi which can be manufactured by high heat
The enzyme is inactivated (in a dead state).
There are plenty of enzymes under the Mudpond environment.

The reason is that there are abundant phytoplankton and zooplankton in Mudpond
and many other creatures inhabit.
Nishikigoi predisposes plankton and living creatures and ingests enzymes.
All living things have enzymes.
In the concrete pond, this plankton and creatures are hardly inhabited.

So Nishikigoi can not ingest enzymes under concrete pond environment.
Please use “Enzyme Strong” of enzyme ・ lactic acid bacteria ・ vitamin combination!
Just mix 10% to the bait.

Oligosaccharides formulated in “Healthy up Stong” serve as food for lactic acid bacteria
and are proved in the medical science association when lactic acid bacteria become ten
times in the intestine.

Vitamins are necessary for the enzyme to do satisfactory work and vitamins can not
work without minerals to do satisfactory work.
Please also use “Mineral Plus” regularly in conjunction.

English Summary