Shinsuke Koi Product 1

   pH  Activity of Bacteria  Bacteria  Pathogens
Environment A  Stable  Active quite few  few
 Environment B Unstable  Not active few  quite few

※Bacteria ・・・Nitrobacteria

What is the optimum environment for the koi ?
With refering to above simple chart, the answer is environment A, it is simple as that.
Furthermore, when you look at the Bacteria and Pathogen in above chart, it might be an eye opener to learn about.

Bacteria and Pathogen are in sort of inverse proportion each others. i.e. Few pathogens are in the environment where  large number of bacterias are in.
Opposite case holds true.
There is rather few sludges in case that appropriate numbers of bacteria activate properly as in that way it decomposes  all of organic substances.

Sludges are plant so to speak which produces pathogens, thus, existance of less sludges simply means less pathogens.
It is less likely to get sick when pathogens become less dense or low concentration if you like.
More than anything else, in that circumstances, water condition is so good that creates environment in which improves immune system in that regards.

In addition, pH gets to stable in that situation as bacterias decompose all of organic substances.
pH is ideally stable by value from 6.8 to 7.2 and under these circumstance, Koi would grow fast and in good skin complexions.
To the contrary, when pH goes down for example down to pH4, bacteria would get slow in active and be dead in the end.

Thus, it ends up water condition is getting worse which makes Koi unappetizing to feeding resulting in slow growth.
Some of Koi dealers use medication to prevent diseases. But, even only small portion of medication can damage on fish gills.
It must be quite painfull and exhausting Koi by breathing through damaged gills.

One thing leads to another like, exhaustion⇒deteriorating immune system⇒diseases.
With refering to above chart, only small portion of medication can kill bacteria to a certain extent.
As mentioned  above, the number of pathogens increase as those of bacteria decrease.

It is somewhat true that the number of pathogens decrease by applying medication, but on the other hand,
medication also kills bacterial so that condition of water gets bad. (it would be good for pathogens in tern)
In other words, those who use medication in the hope that it makes the situation better induce koi to hazardous
environment without realizing so.

In conclusion, bacteria works in favour of Koi, stabilizing water condition, disease prevention.
It is not exaggeration to say that bacteria is imperative for disease prevention.
Please do remember before using medication bacteria is capable of preventing disease.

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