Presentation 2014-1

Shinsuke Koi Product 1

Presentation made for 45th ALL Japan Combined Nishigoi show
on 1st and 2nd February, 2014

I am Yamamura of Shinsuke Co., LTD.
Prior to explaining further, let me speak about news article published after new year
According to foreign trade statistics announced by ministry of finance, export of
Nishikigoi (colored carp)
is increased one point eight times as much as ten years ago, amounting to around 25
billions yen per year.

On the other hand, as far as the market in Japan is concerned, I myself attend to Koi
shows held in several regions
of Japan with our own booth and during which times, I have heard from many
customers about their complaints
like following.

・Even though they purchased good quality kois, those Kois tunred out to be less
beautiful in skin complexion only  one year
of keeping them.
・Another customers said that bearing in mind that Kois bought by 100,000 yen in
spring would end up in coming out  by 50,000 yen in terms of value and quality
in Autumn, they are discouraged to purchase valued Kois.

Then, I felt the lack of awareness about filtering when I researched how the customers
breed the koi in terms of environment in which kois are kept.
I think that if we sort out the lack of awareness in that respect, the market in Japan
would regain momentum as  it used to be.

What I am about to talk about is the topic related to filtering.
Water condition will be improved by enhancing filtering system and it leads to
prevention of diseases.

Let me get to the point with water condition and environment to prevent diseases.
All of you must do keep / breed that Koi in the hope that Koi will not get disease,
but, Koi would get diseases some time  against your will.

How we can minimize the risk of Koi getting diseases is the subject I am elaborating on
from here.
Filtering is classified into physical filtering, biological filtering, chemical filtering.
This time,I would like to pick up physical filtering and biological filtering out of those
three categories.
Incidentally, chemical filtering can be regarded as absorbing colors by activated carbon,
or something like that.

Physical filtering is supposed to store rubbish
Biological filtering is supposed to decompose rubbish.

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