Presentation 2014-2

Shinsuke Koi Product 1

To begin with, let me explain about physical filtering.

【Physical filtering】
Assuming that I replace enclosed concrete pond to closed room where we live,
I would like to carry on.
To have simulated experience with living in water which we have no idea actually,
please assume that family of four are living in single room (common size for us
Japanese), then, all the windows and entrance are completely closed.

Day to day meals (three times a day) would be brought from outside of the room but,
in this case, all the left over, bodily waste would be dispersed over the floor without
the rubbish bins, toilets in this room.

In this situation, vacuum cleaner available 24 hours can be used to clean out
all the mess over the floor.
It seems that the floor would come clean, but, left over, bodily waste are to stuck in
vacuum cleaner from which gives off foul odor. That is the sludge so to speak and
you must think of getting out of this room immediately.

What we are assuming with aforementioned is identical to the concrete pond without
appropriate filtering system.
In other words, only physical filtering is available working so as to just store the waste.
Under this environment, I would doubt if one is supposed to have appetite, sleep
enough, breathe properly.
No wonder that one gets stressed out and get sick as ones immune system could fall

Furthermore, it would be detrimental to use medication under those environment,
water condition.
It might be the cause of death at the end of the day.
That is what physical filtering is all about. The situation is certainly not good for
well-being but, to a certain extent some of the Koi is kept under those environment
in which Koi tends to loose appetite and which makes it difficult to breed koi so as to
grow big and beautiful. In other words, it is rather less likely that Koi would take after
the DNA of parent Koi.

Filtering system may be set up in the concrete pond but, for the most part, those
filtering system could not work as it should be.

English Summary