Presentation 2015-1


Presentation at 46th ALL Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show 31.Jan & 1 Feb 2015

I am Yamamura of Shinsuke Co.,Ltd.
Let me start with presentation for about Minerals and Nishikigoi.
Do you know that Human being is made of approx. 60 trillions of cells.
I am not sure how many cells Nishikigoi is made of, but Nishikigoi grows in beautiful skin complexion as long as their cells are working properly.
Then, the blood is what brings nutrients, so called minerals to their cells.
I would like to proceed to the topic about blood and minerlas.

As you are aware, Nishikigoi appeared to be in beautiful complexion after they are pulled out from field pond.
On the other hand, it is not the case when it comes to the Nishikigoi bred in garden pond.
This has a lot to do with the difference in the amount and types of minerals.
For Nishikigoi, the water in field pond must be optimum and comfortable in terms of quality and condition.
Which means that the water in field pond hits the right balance with constituents and amount of minerals.
In that respect, the water in field pond is ideal environmental water for Nishikigoi.

Nishikigoi takes in minerals contained in water through chrolide cells on its gills and bring those through their blood.
There are equivalent of mouth and anus in each cells from which take in minerals and oxygens and excreting wastes.
Lack of mineral get the cells weak so that the koi will be susceptible to diseases.
As opposed to that, sufficient amount of minerals enhance the activity of mucous cells and pigment cells
which attribute to beautiful complexion as a result.


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