Presentation 2015-2


Let me change the subjects a bit and make promotuon on or products for a while.
To begin with, I would like to talk about Mineral plus.
It is astonishing product which makes it possible to achieve field pond environment easily.
With Mineral plus, not only the sumi, but also, Hi appears beautifully on each koi.
Not to mention that beautiful complexion.
Why don’t you feel it with your own eyes trying Mineral plus.

The Hiroshima Oysters have been the biggest inspiration to develop Mineral plus.
At that time, Hiroshima oysters came out smaller and smaller for cultivation which has been headaches for farmers.  Researchers were investigating what has been going on and it came into conlusion that logged forest has a lot to do with the cause of the problem.
Followings are what has happened.
Logged forest has been left as it was without planting and that caused less and less amount of minerals run into the rivers and seas where the oysters are cultivated.
To deal with it, they resume planting and thanks to that, in a couple of years,the Hiroshima Oysters grows as big as it used to be.

As a matter of fact, plants are growing with taking in minerals contained in earth in such way that it dissolves eath, rock, sand..
In every autumn, winter seasons, the leaves are falling from bload-leaved trees which take in sufficient amount of minerals.
Then, fallen leaves are decomposed by bacteria on earth and brought forward to the rivers and sea.

Mineral plus is the products which natural minerals and special elements are compounded.
It is strictly trade secrete about what kind of special elements are compounded.
The powder of mineral plus reacts with organic acid generated from garden pond so that it dissolves minerals.
Organic acid is the acid derived from dissolving process of filtering and it generated in every single one of
the pond.
It get the pH value decrease instead of getting it increase.
There is no exception about that.

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