About earth and Mineral plus 

Shinsuke Koi Product 1

My dietary life inspired me to develop Mineral plus.
We see TV adverts that saids 〈Lead appropriate dietary life〉every now and then.

What really this means is that 〈take well-balanced mineral〉to put it more plainly.

It is well-known fact that Spinach contains rich in iron, little fish contains rich in calcium..etc.

Then, what is the minerals made from in the first place ?

I have been in business dealing with Tropical fish, water plant, coral, so I realized the importance of minerals. Whereas getting into further step with learning this, I have come to know that animals and plants ingest minerals contained in earth, rock, sand in this planet.

As far as the plants are concerned, those give off the acid and absorb the minerals from earth, rock, sand in return.

To put it plainly, it dissolves the rock so that it absorb the minerals contained in it.

Then, what about the fish ? The bacteria which exists in the surface of the earth give off the acid in order to dissolve organic substances. Those acid are discharged when it rains, whilist dissolving the rock in such way that the minerals are carried away into the river.

The part of the minerals which carried into the river is ingested by microbe, algae, phytoplankton.

Then again, zooplankton ingest those microbe, algae, phytoplankton, resulted in the situation which the fish ingest zooplankton. What is going on is the sort of food chain in terms of minerals.

Same goes for marine fish.

What occurred to my mind is that what sort of minerals is essential with Nishikigoi.

Simply stated, it is being said that 26 sort of minerals are of the essence vitals for the living creature, out of which 16 sorts of minerals are vitals for human being.

Every single one of those minerals has its own important part to play in what
we live for.
Taking these things into consideration, I added about 40 kinds of minerals to Mineral Plus.
It also contains some special trace ingredients.

Same goes for the Nishikigoi you love and care for.

I am not quite sure how many cell Nishikigoi has, but, when it comes to human being, 60 trillion of cells are
dependent on minerals.

By assimilating minerals, cells in our body is being stimulated to enhance immune systems, hopefully results in
improving blood stream.

Based on this theory, it is not exaggeration to say that the Koi which kept in the pond with being Mineral Plus used will turn out to be having beautiful Sumi, beautiful
color complexion with no doubt.

All of the living creatures are taking benefit from minerals. Without the minerals, it would be life and death problems
for all the living creatures including us heman being.

Thus, as far as the environment where your Nishikigois being kept are concerned, the pond in which subterranean water is used should be absolutely better than
of those tap water being used as tap water contains minerals miles away from those of subterranean water being used.

This logic can be applied to the fact that the koi kept in the mud pond where is rich in minerals is turning out to be far better koi in terms of sumi, color complexions.

Aforementioned facts, logics attribute to developing Mineral Plus.
Mineral plus is not simply the products for easy-sumi production method, but, more importantly, keeping your koi in good health, as well as for
reconstructuring optimum water enironment for your koi.

Why don’t you try Mineral Plus to the Pond with far less Minerals necessary.
You are going to make big difference very soon.

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