What is terrific about Bacto Power !


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What is terrific about Bacto Power  !
We would like to explain the great performance of Bacto Power which is yet to be known broadly.
In general, Bacto Power is popular for its capacity in preventing the water from being contaminated and decrease extent of contamination, but, in addition to that,  by using Bacto Power , you can get three more advantages as follows.

①Producing Vitamin
The bacteria contained in Bacto Power  produce Vitamin as by-products which is very important factors bacteria works.
Under appropriate condition for filtering, bacteria is not only to decompose organic substances, but also produce variety of Vitamin.
It is very important to use Bio Sponge to ensure bacteria to work as such.
Vitamins produced in that process is being absorbed from the gills of Koi and will be optimum nutrient source for

Phytoplankton contains amino acid, Omega 3 fatty acid, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Mineral, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium,
Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Iodine opulently.
Zooplankton ingests such phytoplanton and Koi finally ingests and absorbs Zooplankton.

What is going on in concrete pond is exactly the food chain and its origin is definitely the bacteria.
When bacteria becomes activated, it supplies Vitamin,Organic acid, Amino acid.
In order for bacteria to become activate, what is necessary for that are optimum space for living (filter system in which Bio-film is easy access of its formulation) and plenty of Oxigen.

② Prevention of mold and diseases
Bacto Power contains microbe from which antibiotic substances naturally derived are formulated, thus it results in preventing fish disease.
The more benign microbes are formulated, the less malignant ones (virus, pathogenic microbes) survive and propagate due to antagonistic effect, and it ended up in being excluded at last.

③How the enzyme works
Bacteria works in such way that it clamps the sand and particles with its slimy object to a certain degree which is what we call as aggregate structure.
Water drains well in this aggregate structure so that it can supply necessary space and oxigen, nutrients for microbe.
The enzyme put out by bacteria is what makes aforementioned possible.

All in all, these three great performance can be achieved if the bacteria is to be supplied with optimum living space (Bio Sponge) and to be supplied with enough oxigen.
In order to make melanocyte become activated, appropriate nutrients like protein, mineral, amino acid, vitamin are necessary.


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